Silver Sage Storytelling and Family Tales

Vandy Leigh of Silver Sage Storytelling and Family Tales comes from a family tradition of dinner table storytellers and front porch musicians.  Her work as a sign-language interpreter, social worker and religious educator have continued to feed her soul with the stories of the living and the mysteries beyond.

Storytelling for Entertainment

Stories are for all ages! They can be funny, tall tales, spooky, teach a lesson or be spiritual. Each person identifies with different characters in a story on different levels. Many find that upon hearing a story again at a different point in their life they get a new understanding of the story or a new appreciation of a character.  

Workshops for Children

Children experience the feeling of success and gain an interest in reading through the telling of tales. Children learn a combination of folk tales and how to tell their own stories.  Art activities, music/sound and gesture are all a part of making the story come alive for young tellers.

Workshops for adults

How do you tell a story so others will listen?  How do you make family stories interesting so people will want to hear them again and again?  How do you tell a good story for your job or the pure enjoyment of spinning a yarn?  We are all natural storytellers. These workshops give you a tune up so you can build on your natural abilities.

About Silver Sage

Silver Sage a.k.a. Vandy Leigh has been a storyteller for over 20 years.  She has told stories for crowds of children and adults in the hundreds, from camp fires, places of worship, and island getaways to in front of the NH State House.  She especially enjoys Wisdom Tales and Spooky stories. 

Your Program

Silver Sage will design a storytelling program to fit your needs. 

The Dancing Foot

This was the 3rd runner up for Storyteller of the Year in 2004. It is a strange but true story, written and performed by Vandy Leigh.